I guess I'm a runaway bullet train after all.
May 08

foxy thumbs

  • lolapathy: also, i googled her number and it didnt bring anything up
  • lolapathy: like, literally 0 pages
  • lolapathy: i typically get the shit like, ohio cell phone, pay to find more etc etc
  • re5etsmyth: what is the number?
  • lolapathy: who cuts your hair? you're adorable! call me 'm kaite 8849 5555
  • re5etsmyth: thats not the right number of numbers
  • lolapathy: woah
  • lolapathy: i just realized that..
  • lolapathy: oh goodness.
  • lolapathy: it looks like its going to be 849 5555
  • re5etsmyth: well there you go
  • re5etsmyth: maybe she has toe thumbs
  • re5etsmyth: like megan fox
  • re5etsmyth:
  • lolapathy: thats gross!!
  • re5etsmyth: toe thumbs.
  • lolapathy: :/
  • re5etsmyth: just make sure you get a look
  • lolapathy: i will
  • re5etsmyth: as soon as you meet her demand to thumb wrestle before anything else
  • lolapathy: ahahahahahahhaha
  • lolapathy: she wont suspect a thing
  • re5etsmyth: she wont if she doesnt have toe thumbs.
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