I guess I'm a runaway bullet train after all.
May 08

foxy thumbs

  • lolapathy: also, i googled her number and it didnt bring anything up
  • lolapathy: like, literally 0 pages
  • lolapathy: i typically get the shit like, ohio cell phone, pay to find more etc etc
  • re5etsmyth: what is the number?
  • lolapathy: who cuts your hair? you're adorable! call me 'm kaite 8849 5555
  • re5etsmyth: thats not the right number of numbers
  • lolapathy: woah
  • lolapathy: i just realized that..
  • lolapathy: oh goodness.
  • lolapathy: it looks like its going to be 849 5555
  • re5etsmyth: well there you go
  • re5etsmyth: maybe she has toe thumbs
  • re5etsmyth: like megan fox
  • re5etsmyth:
  • lolapathy: thats gross!!
  • re5etsmyth: toe thumbs.
  • lolapathy: :/
  • re5etsmyth: just make sure you get a look
  • lolapathy: i will
  • re5etsmyth: as soon as you meet her demand to thumb wrestle before anything else
  • lolapathy: ahahahahahahhaha
  • lolapathy: she wont suspect a thing
  • re5etsmyth: she wont if she doesnt have toe thumbs.
Feb 24
I think dandies are the hipsters of yesteryear.
Neal, while atom was attempting to classify me as either a dandy or a hipster. We determined it was both (or “dipster”).
Dec 07

mistakes were...

  • Deanna: i think my bf really wanted to see that for some reason
  • Deanna: and i probably was meh about it
  • Deanna: and thus it was never seen
  • Me: you meh'd a mistake
  • Me: OH GOD I LOL

when is wikipedia day?

  • Deanna: um ash wednesday is like around easter
  • Deanna: or something
  • Deanna: 12 years of catholic school!
  • Me: february 17, 2010
  • Me: 1 minute of wikipedia
Dec 01
There needs to be a service that accepts live mice in the mail.
Atom, regarding non-lethal mouse traps, and what to do with the mice afterwards.
Sep 15
We got bushes that attract more bees than you’ve seen in your life! You want ‘em?
Atom, guessing at how the bushes outside our office came to be.
Sep 05
I’ve drunk a lot tonight. Drank. Drinked. Shut up, I speak more languages than you.
Elena, after having drinked quite a bit.
Aug 31

shave in hell

  • atom: what ya got there?
  • me: a beard trimmer.
  • atom: go to hell.
  • (atom hates when I shave)

nasty fast food hivemind

  • (the first two lines happened simultaneously)
  • Me: i want to leave early, take fifth and stop by marino's
  • Atom: you wanna head out early and get some nasty fast food breakfast?
  • Atom: haha
  • Atom: hivemind
  • Me: that was fucking sweet

should've used a shortener

  • re5etsmyth:
  • kremdela: I'm not watching that
  • re5etsmyth: why
Aug 18


  • Me: Look at those clouds. It looks like a dog being chased by a bear with a dwarf on its back riding backwards.
  • atom: It's going to rain.
Jul 24

and some champagne from ebay

  • Atom: this bitch has no idea what she is in for
  • Atom: got reservations at a fancy restaurant, where there will be flowers WAITING AT THE TABLE
  • Atom: internet +1

dead sea phishing

  • atom: just ate a big plate of shrimp
  • Lauren: eating most delicious coneys. they actually came out pretty good second day
  • atom: my farts smell like a dead vagina
  • Lauren: YUM
  • atom: pervert.
  • Lauren: you're the worst
  • Lauren: and i don't like you anymore
  • atom: haha
  • Lauren: it was an unfortunate scrolling of words
  • Lauren: i am going to close the window
  • Lauren: and reopen
  • Lauren: as to avoid seeing those words again
Jul 06

is that a no-point-oh?

  • mdrb2k: i'm going to say something, and then i want you to let your imagination run wild
  • mdrb2k: tattoo-point-oh
  • mdrb2k: eh? EH?!
  • mdrb2k: agile socially networked tattoo crowdsourcing
  • [Tyler signed off]
Jun 24

i'm picturing a dick tracy villain

  • Brendan: i want a good nickname.
  • Atom: what about puddles
  • Brendan: as a nick name?
  • Brendan: id be proud to be called puddles
  • Atom: yeah
  • Atom: you are gonna have to start peeing your pants in public
  • Brendan: ahahahahah
  • Brendan: fine fine
  • Brendan: like
  • Brendan: get into a fight
  • Brendan: and we have a stand off
  • Brendan: you snap your fingers
  • Brendan: and go
  • Brendan: show em the stuff puddles
  • Brendan: and ill step forward
  • Brendan: and piss my pants
  • Atom: hahaha
  • Brendan: then start crying